EL Dia De San Jose

EL Dia de San Jose

March 19

When the Third Grade was studying the country of Venezuela, it discovered that Venezuelans, and many other Spanish speaking people, celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, March 19, EL Dia de San Jose. In the Central American country of Costa Rica, the celebration of St Joseph’s Day is very special because St. Joseph is also the patron saint of Costa Rica.

It is time for fiesta. Beautiful pieces of artwork are displayed, especially pictures of St. Joseph. There are parades through the streets and special foods. In one town, Sarchi, there is a tradition of displaying beautifully painted ox carts. These carts were used to bring coffee down from the mountains so it could be sent all over the world.

The third graders created their own versions of these ox carts with shoeboxes and construction paper. They were filled with coffee, fruits, and vegetables that were products of Costa Rica. The carts were than displayed in the hall.

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